When attempting to access Ecommerce Staging Import the user is presented with a blank screen.  Ecommerce Staging Import may work for a single user and not others.  This applies to both on-prem and System Five on Cloud installations.

At the time of writing this article Ecommerce Staging Import applies to Sidekick, Websell, MegaAVB, and Woocommerce integrations.

Users will experience a blank Ecommerce Staging Import as seen below. 


EdgeWebView2 tool may not be installed or has been installed under a single-user-only.  Re-install and ensure it is enabled for all users.  

⚠️ See this article for additional configuration if being used in an RDS environment.

For on-prem installations 

  1. Download and install 122.0.2365.66 or greater for all users. 
  2. Click here for further troubleshooting information on installing EdgeWebView2 in your environment.

For System Five on Cloud

  • Windward Support can request the customer to be enrolled in the "EdgeWebViewGroup" group policy