Problem Description

1.] How and where to add new suppliers? 2.] How to edit and find suppliers as well as what are those options that can be used to help in searching for suppliers that have the same information? 3.] How to delete a suppliers record?


  1. It is suggested that before adding a New Supplier a Default Supplier must be setup in your settings, in this way general information that is common to all of your suppliers is saved, doing this first you will be able to save your time by not typing the same information to all of your new suppliers when you added them in your database. New suppliers can be added individually at Accounts Payable>Suppliers. In the Find Supplier window click the New button. A new supplier record will be generated, type in the new suppliers name and other important information as well. 
  2. In the Find Suppliers Window, you can enter the first letter of the suppliers name and the system will automatically generate the list of suppliers that starts with that letter, same also for the other criteria fields 
  3. A suppliers record can be deleted at any time by clicking the delete button but the system will not allow you to delete any suppliers that have transactions.