Topic Overview

In this topic, we will discuss how to change the Data Source Name (DSN) metadata version for your Pervasive SQL database.

Version 6.1.0.x or greater of System Five requires the long metadata version 2 in order to operate correctly, earlier version of the system used the short metadata or version 1. Version 6.1.0.x or greater will disable the SQL features if the incorrect metadata version is detected.

Changing DSN to Meta Data version 2

Regardless of whether you are on a Client/Server or Workgroup installation, this process is basically the same.

You will need to go to the computer that has the physical database files stored on it.

  1. Log on to the machine using an administrator user account.
  2. Open the Pervasive Control Center
  3. Locate the existing DSN as shown below


  1. Make note of the "exact" spelling and case of the current DSN
  2. Right-Click on the existing DSN and select Delete from the popup menu.
  3. Close the Pervasive Control Center.
  4. You now need to Stop the Pervasive database engine.

    If you fail to stop and restart the database engine, you will not be able to re-use the existing DSN!

    On either a Client/Server or Workgroup installation, rebooting the machine will accomplish this task.

    Advanced Option (Requires detailed understanding of the Windows Operating System)

    In some cases, it is not desirable to reboot Server machines, in those cases, you will need to Stop and re-Start the PervasiveSQL Services. This can be accomplished by opening the Windows Services through the Administrative Tools, locating the Pervasive SQL services, and Stopping them manually. Wait 30 seconds to allow the operating system to complete the shutdown of the service, then right-click and Start the services again.

Note: If you are not comfortable performing this type of advanced operation, please contact your IT Professional for assistance.

  1. After the database engine has been restarted via either of the two methods above, re-open the Pervasive Control Center.


At this point, we are creating a database in "Pervasive" and telling it to build it from our client's dataset.

  1. The Name of the new DSN must match the previous name EXACTLY!
  2. Make sure the "location" is pointing to the "_datafiles" folder
  3. It is really important that the "Long metadata (v2 metadata) checkbox is checked
  4. Click Finish

    This completes the creation of the DSN, now it is time to ensure that all of the client machines are using the newly created DSN.

    This is accomplished through System Five using the following menu path: Setup Tools > Setup Wizard


  1. In the Setup Wizard, navigate to the Network Settings > Pervasive.SQL Databases page as shown above.
  2. Ensure that the [System Five DSN (Data Source Name) is NOT checked!
  3. Now click on the Pervasive.SQL DSN-Less Connection item.


On this page, you need to enter the Server Name and the Server DSN in the boxes provided.

You also need to check the [Enable DSN-Less SQL Connection] box and click the [Test SQL] button to ensure the connection is working.

You can configure all of the other Terminals from this screen so that all of the Terminals using the dataset will connect using the same DSN.

Simply check the boxes for the Terminals on the right side of the screen to enable the DSN-Less connections.

These changes will take effect when the Terminals log in the next time.