This article is basically going to go through a lesson plan on doing an initial bank rec. This could also be called a starting bank rec. Please take the required reports as seen below and the demo data located in the g:\client\BankRecDemo\ directory and setup an initial bank rec for this company. Please use the instructional video on bank recs provided in the Video Resources section. There is also an article on bank rec problems that may provide some useful information.

Required Reports

Here are some printouts of the reports that are required from your other system.

Trial balance for the go live date.

Online Bank Activity for reference.

Bank Rec from other system.

Bank Rec printout from other system.

Where to Start

  • I would start by entering the starting journal entry.
  • You will also need to create a journal entry for the uncleared transactions.
  • Create the starting bank rec.


  • What should the date on the starting journal entry be?
  • How do you verify that the starting entry in System Five is correct and matches up to your other system?
  • What will the journal entry for uncleared transactions look like?
  • What will the date on the journal entry for uncleared transactions be?
  • How many lines should we see on the starting bank rec?