Inateck P7 barcode scanner




P7 Wireless Barcode Scanner with 400M Ultra Long Transmission Distance

  •  With the wireless adapter connection, the transmission distance of the barcode scanner reaches unobstructed 400 meters(0.25 miles), or indoor 100 meters(328 ft), without disconnection and interference.
  •  Able to read all 1D barcodes on screen and paper, including some rare barcodes that other barcode scanners cannot read, like Telepen, Plessey.
  •  With Toshiba imaging module, German osram lighting and ARM CPU, the recognition speed is 30% faster and  improved performance.
  •  There are three connection methods, Bluetooth, Wireless adapter and USB Wired, allowing it to connect with PC, Tablet, mobile phone, etc.
  •  Vibrating notification for library, inventory mode, time stamp, 270000 barcodes offline storage.


Print the following PDF 


Scan the barcodes in order  

  •  Enter Setup
  •  Prefix Setting
  •  STX
  •  Exit with save

If you are unable to program the scanner using the above PDF, the same information can be found in the programming manual pdf below.  


Print pages 68, 74 and 88 

Scan the barcodes in the following order. 

  •  Enter Setup ( top left of page 74 )
  •  Prefix Setting ( top left of page 68 )
  •  STX ( top left of page 84 )
  •  Exit with save ( top right of page 74 )

To test that the STX Prefix (Ctrl+B) has been programmed successfully, Drop to a command prompt and scan a barcode (NOT one of the ones from the programming sheets)
 You should see something like this: 


What you are looking for is that the scanner scanned a ^B before the barcode and it translates to a little smiley face character on the next line. If this is what you see, you have correctly programmed the barcode scanner. 

If you are running Windows 10 and still do not get the ^B character, you will need to run the command prompt as an administrator on the local workstation, and on the remote session, then check the properties of the command prompt. 

  •  Click Search or right click on the Windows button on the task bar and select Search.
  •  Type cmd. Command Prompt should show at the top of the search window.
  •  Right click on Command Prompt and select run as administrator.
  •  Right click on the top of the command prompt window where it says Administrator: Command Prompt, and select Properties.
  •  On the bottom of the Command Prompt Properties window, check the checkbox that says Use legacy console (requires relaunch).
  •  Click OK and then close the command prompt window.
  •  Relaunch the command prompt and scan a barcode. You should now see the ^B


System Five Setup

Setting up your Barcode scanner in System Five is the last step. You must ensure that the device itself is properly configured with the Pre amble and Post amble characters that will not conflict with either System Five or the Windows (TM) Operating System. The Barcode Reader page in the Setup Wizard provides a method of using the actual device to input the configuration.  


Assuming that your Barcode Scanner is properly configured, click [Read Barcode Scanner], scan any Barcode you have available and System Five will intercept the information from the scanner and fill in the Pre-Amble and the value of the Barcode you scanned. Click [Save Settings] to complete the process.  

The [Default Pre-Amble Setting] button can be used to reset to the System Five default settings.  

Created By Steve Wind May 20 2021