This page is to run through the configuration of System Five to work with the CipherLab 8200 handset and its associated applications. For this to work, the handset MUST already be working with Microsoft Windows. If this has not yet been set up, please see the page How to configure a CipherLab CPT8200 to work with a Windows PC.

Software Driver

The driver can be found in: https://www.mss-software.com/CL-8200%20Series~CipherLab+8200.htm

System Five Configuration

This section runs through the options to configure in the System Five database.

The settings in the Setup Wizard are terminal specific, so make sure the correct terminal is being set. The simplest way to do this is to log in on the computer that has the hardware set up on it.
  • Start System Five and log in
  • Go to Setup Tools | Setup Wizard | Point of Sale Devices | Data Collector/File Import Settings

  • Set the Data Collector file format to Item,quan

  • Set the Data collector Program Interface to Use Command line parameters

  • The fields should be set as follows
    • Command Line is the path to the data reader installed as part of the Forge application set. C:\CipherLab\Forge\Batch\8 Series\Utilities\Data_Read.exe
    • Parameters is left blank
    • Result File Name is the path to the file to read back into System Five after the handset has been read out. A good place to put this is under the database directory. Make sure it existsZ:\Windward\Data\_My_Company_Database\Stocktake\stock.txt

Data Read Configuration

This section runs through the options to configure the Data Read program from CipherLab. All the step in this section should only need to be done once as the Data Read application keeps it's own settings.

  • Go to Start | All Programs | CipherLab | Forge | Batch | Utilities | Data_Read

  • In the File Properties area the settings should be as follows
    • Directory field is the path to where the handset information is written to. Z:\Windward\Data\_My_Company_Database\Stocktake\
    • File name field is the name of th file to be created/overwritten. stock.txt
    • Add Return character to each record must be left ON
    • Add Line-Feed character to each record must be left ON
    • View the received data should be turned OFF

  • In the Options are the settings should be as follows
    • Always show this dialog box must be left ON
    • Show messages in case of error should be left ON

  • In the Communication Parameters are the settings MUST match the windows configuration. For this set up the setting are as follows
    • Interface is set to RS232.IrDA/USB VCOM
    • COM port is set to 6
    • Baud rate is set to 115200
    • Keep online for receiving data automatically must be left OFF

  • The Auto upload and delete Data and Lookup files area is left OFF

  • Click the OK button to set the program to listen. This will save all of the Data Read programs settings.

  • Click ABORT and then CANCEL to close the Data Read application down


This section runs through a test of the configuration. Please make sure that there is at least one barcode scanned into the CipherLab handset before attempting these steps.

System Five

  • Go to Inventory and Purchases | Inventory | Edit Item

  • Click the drop down on Search and select Import from Data Collector to open the Data Read program

CipherLab 8200

  • Escape back to the main menu
  • Select 2. Upload data

Data Read

  • Click OK to read the information from the handset

  • The Data Read program will display again after reading. Click Cancel to close the Data Read program and go back to the Part Find

CipherLab 8200

  • Select 1. All data to clear the handset of all scan information

System Five

The Part Find should be displaying the content of the handset dump. If the same part has been scanned multiple times, System Five will amalgumate the quantities automatically when performing these steps. The quantity scanned is visible in the Multi Select column on the Part Find Select tab.


This section runs through putting all the confiuration into use. Before going through this sect make sure that there is some data in the CipherLab handset to be downloaded into System Five.

The data collectors most common functionality is for stocktakes. While this is the most common function, it is possible to use the data collector elsewhere without any more customisation. Some other functionality other than stocktake are listed below


It's possible to walk around with a customer and scan items and enter quantities that are to be added to an invoice.

  • On the invoice screen, use the drop down on the Add Item

  • Select Import from Data Collector to open the Data Read program

  • On the CipherLab 8200 Select 2. Upload Data
  • Select OK on the Data Read program to get the information out of the handset
  • Select Cancel when the Data Read displays the second time and System Five will read in the information from the file. Any parts that do not have enough quantity available will prompt as normal

  • The user is then left at the invoice screen to continue adding parts or finishing the invoice

Forge AG Software

Depending on how old the handset is it maye require different version of the Forge Aplication Generator software. This is the program used on a Windows terminal to create the application used on the 8200 handset.