System Five Web API Installation and Updating

The s5webAPI solution runs as a 32-bit service and provides a doorway to push and pull information from a System Five database. This technology will work with both onPrem installations and our System Five on Cloud deployments.

Be aware that WEB API uses a Pervasive License.


The S5webapi requires the same hardware and operating system requirements as other Windward System Five solutions.

Operating System Configuration: The S5webapi runs as a service. The operating systems “System account” that runs the service will require read/write access to any Windward Software database that it will be connecting to.

Program and Config files

The S5webapi is a licensed component of Windward System Five. It comprises of four files:

  • S5WebAPISvc.exe: the service executable
  • S5WebAPISvc.ini: the configuration file
  • S5WebAPISvc_Install.bat: a utility batch file to install the service
  • S5WebAPISvc_Uninstall.bat: a utility batch file to uninstall the service

The configuration of the S5WebAPI service is done through the “S5WebAPISvc_ini” file. This file is located in the same directory that holds the “systemfive.exe” file and can be modified with a text editor.

Accessing the S5webapi Service

Once installed and configured successfully in training or production datasets, you will be able to access your internal network. Note that firewalls can stop you from accessing this service so check with your IT department if unable to connect.

Accessing the S5WebAPI Service requires a set of security credentials. These credentials come from System Five and are generally set up by creating a new user in System Five dedicated for this use by the Web API. This is configured in the “S5WebAPISvc_ini” file. You will be presented with a Login screen. Enter a valid System Five User Name and Password to access the Swagger Documentation Explorer. Once the Swagger Documentation Explorer has loaded, you will need to replace some of the elements in the URLhttp://localhost:PORT/Windward/WebAPI/ENDPOINT/Swagger:

  • Replace the [LocalHost] with the IP Address or Alias for the Server hosting the API.
  • Replace the [PORT] with the value in the Port entry of [HTTP] section of the INI file.
  • Replace the [ENDPOINT] with one of the End Names listed along the top of the screen.

Review the Developer documentation for more information on access

Internal Access

Accessed at the following address*: http://localhost:port#/index.html

  • In the address above, “localhost” should be replaced with the IP address of the machine that the service is installed on,
  • “port#” refers to the “Port” setting in the “S5WebAPISvc_ini” file.
External Access

In order to access the S5WebAPI service from outside of the local machine that it is installed on it may (most likely) be necessary to have your IT department provide outside access through the port specified in the “S5WebAPISvc_ini” file. Your IT department will need to provide you with the external IP or domain name to access.


The s5webapi logs information into the Windows event log. Review your event log if having issues starting or connecting with the service.

Other Information