This will be required for most Point of Sale hardware in the Windward Software System Five on Cloud solution.

This setup will only function on a 64 bit Windows operating system.

Setup RDP Virtual Channel and Remote POS Device Manager on alocal machine

  1. Download RDP-SaaS.zip from the Windward FTP ? ftp://ftp.windward-ca.com/pub/mercurypay/RDP-SAAS.zip
  2. Extract it to a temporary folder
  3. Copy the latest version on the WindwardPOS.exe into this folder
  4. Right click on the Setup.exe and run as administrator
  5. Restart Windows on the local machine.
  6. Start the Windward POS Device Manager on the local machine (RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR)
  7. Navigate to the Remote Desktop tab
  8. Set the communication mode:
    • Enable “Listen - RDP with VPN or workstation has fixed external IP”
    • Server: localhost
    • Port: 35888
    • If these settings are grayed out, Set the Connection Mode to “Connect - Server has fixed external IP”, make the changes to the port and server, then set it back to “Listen - RDP with VPN or workstation has fixed external IP“
  9. Turn on Enable Remote Desktop Devices
  10. Right click on Windward POS device manager icon in the local machine system tray to register RDP Virtual Channel
    • *** - Need to search for WindwardRDP.dll on local computer. You will be asked for this file when you register the Remote POS Device Manager.
  11. RDP into the remote machine
  12. Log into System Five on the Remote Machine
  13. Navigate to Setup Wizard, Point of Sales Devices, Device Options
  14. Enable RDP Virtual Channel in Use Point of Sale Manager, Port: 35888