Steps on how to install System5 On Cloud Remote Client

Table of Contents

If your Cloud Password has expired, see this article Password Reset
Or, If you are getting the message that your password is about to expire, you can update it here Update Password

Step 1: Download and Install the Remote Client

  • Go to this URL Windows Desktop Client
  • Choose the client that matches your Windows build (32bit or 64bit) and download
  • Run the installer package
  • Accept the terms in the license agreement and click on the Next button
  • Choose Install just for you if you are the only person that accesses System Five onCloud on the computer. Choose to Install for all users of this machine if you have multiple
    users that have their own Windows login. NOTE: It may require an Administrator login
    to install the client for all users.
  • Click Finish to complete the installation

  • Once the installation is completed, search for Remote Desktop in Windows. Your want to Pin it to Start Menu or Pin to the Taskbar for easy access.

Step 2: Windows Desktop Client Sign In

  • Launch Windows Desktop
  • Click on the Subscribe button
  • Input your credentials and click the Next button
  • Choose This app only when prompted to use your account everywhere
  • Once successfully signed on, you should see an ICON with your company name. Double-click that icon to open
  • Input your Cloud Credentials and sign in
  • A remote desktop window connected to your System Five on Cloud Environment will


Step 3: Proper Sign-out Procedure

  • Click the Windows Start Menu, then the User icon, and then click Sign Out to sign out of

    the remote desktop session.

Avoid choosing the Disconnect Option or immeidately closing the Remote Desktop Window as it will keep your profile active and consuming server resource, which will in time slow down your cloud environment.